Project Updates

Hope For The Future

Fundy Salmon Recovery is changing the face of conservation with its first in the world recovery model. This project brings a new sense of optimism and hope to restoring endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon.


Fundy Salmon Recovery will release thousands of endangered Atlantic salmon – the King of Fish – into Fundy National Park on October 12th 2017 via Coast Guard helicopter.

Releases to the Petitcodiac River and surrounding watershed will take place the week prior to the release in Fundy National Park.


Fort Folly Habitat Recovery and Fundy Salmon Recovery released more than 120 mature fish into the Petitcodiac on October 5, 2016.

Fundy Salmon Recovery release more than 500 fish into the Upper Salmon River on October 12, 2016 and about 300 more salmon by hand the following week.

FSR Fort Folly Pettitcodiac Release 2016-042


In the fall of 2015, 430 adult salmon were released back into inner Bay of Fundy rivers. We recorded these salmon migrating to the ocean and returning to their natal rivers in 2016.

From fall 2015 to fall 2016, the number of mature fish grown at the conservation farm was about 650.

Over 500 live wild salmon are transported by Coast Guard helicopter to both The Forks and Black Hole pools on the Upper Salmon River in Fundy National Park.