Eco-Evidence Salmon Excursion

Become the Scientist!

corey talking salmon

Fundy Salmon Recovery invites you to Fundy National Park for a unique hike on the Upper Salmon River trail to the “Salmon Zone” to measure the health of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

The Eco-Evidence Salmon Excursion allows you to become the scientist, collecting real life data about the ecosystem and its effect on the endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon population. Fundy interpreters will teach you the skills to identify plants and bugs that indicate a healthy environment.

In the “Salmon Zone”, you will learn and work alongside your Fundy interpreter to search for freshwater invertebrates and record the population density of our precious salmon’s food source. Once you become an expert ecosystem analyst, you can take the reins and try the hike again on your own!

Check the Fundy National Park program schedule here to plan for your hike.

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