Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved!

Fundy Salmon Recovery offers a range of ways for you to see more, learn more and do more!

1. Explore the Project

It takes a lot of steps to recovery the Wild inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon population, but now you can see them all. Explore each step of the project first hand during site visits to our recovery facilities across New Brunswick. See which locations are closest to you!

2. Swim with Salmon

See an endangered species like never before. Join Parks Canada’s team of biologists, interpreters and our Fort Folly First Nations partners for an experience unlike any others. Grab a snorkel and mask and hike into Fundy’s amazing backcountry to slip into the crisp clear river habitat of the Inner Bay of Fundy Salmon. Learn more about this program and how to register here!

3. Eco-Evidence Salmon Excursion

In this introductory program to the Fundy Salmon Recovery Project, we are inviting visitors to learn more about our efforts to save the inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon. Fundy National Park interpreters will guide your hike along the Upper Salmon River Trail, teaching you ways to spot the “eco-evidence” of a healthy environment. Find out how our biology team measures the health of our terrestrial and aquatic environment here!

4. Crime Stoppers Tips

Recovery is the first step to saving the Wild inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon population, but what comes next? Protection! Learn how you can help Fundy Salmon Recovery protect our returning salmon here!