Conservation Farm

Cooke Aquaculture is a family-owned, vertically integrated, global seafood company with headquarters in Blacks Harbour, NB. Founded in 1985, Cooke has extensive knowledge and experience in growing Atlantic salmon through its entire lifecycle.

As a major partner in Fundy Salmon Recovery, Cooke Aquaculture is proud to be part of developing the world’s first Wild Salmon Marine Conservation Farm dedicated to wild inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon. Cooke personnel (Kelly Cove Salmon and GMG) supplied and installed customized farm equipment and are the daily caretakers of the wild salmon through feed and nutrition, health monitoring and equipment maintenance. Charlotte Feeds in St. George and Northeast Nutrition in Truro, NS are providing feed and nutrition expertise.

The Cooke Shoreland Transport team and trucking partners assisted Kelly Cove Salmon in the movement of fish as smolts from the river to the conservation farm at Dark Harbour, Grand Manan and as adult fish moving from the farm site back to their rivers.



See why wild Atlantic salmon conservation is important to Cooke Aquaculture in the video below (1:49)