50 years ago, there were 40,000 wild Atlantic salmon in the inner Bay of Fundy. By 2000, the stock had declined to just 250. They are now an endangered species.

Research shows that salmon have a better chance of survival the more they remain in their natural environment. This is the only project in the world that raises endangered wild salmon in the ocean.

Their survival depends on our innovative conservation efforts, and the unique collaboration between industry, academia, provincial and federal governments and First Nations.

Innovation is the answer

Fundy Salmon Recovery is a partnership that operates the World’s First Wild Salmon Marine Conservation Farm on Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick. This project is a true collaboration of community and industry stakeholders working together to protect young salmon and improve their chances of survival when released back to the wild as adults.

The goal is to increase the number of spawning salmon in the inner Bay of Fundy and save the species from extinction.

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